Happy stories


To achieve a balanced relationship partner, you need to understand the other person is different from us, have their beliefs, values and different experiences, which makes him and see the world from different angles. It is not an object of our property, we can not expect to change that is the way we want. If you really want must accept the other person as is, with qualities and defects not see the features separately but on the contrary, integrated healthily and accepting in full.
This present the independence of each. There are many opportunities for sharing but also each have activities or moments that are just for oneself where the couple is not involved.

Received February 15, 2016
We wish to thank Friends World fortunate to have met through their web.Yo saw your profile and I noticed a photograph of him, decided to send a message of interest and put it on my list of favorites, after a week she replied, and I explain looking at the web once a week, I sent a chat and told day on Thursday at nine p.m. me connect to chat, so we started talking, I liked and the next weekend we met doing a long ride, I loved his smile, his jokes, and after leaving several times, decided to live together, it was as if we had known before, we took a year and everything very well
Ivan and Rosa thank the Friends World team

Received December 12, 2015
World Hello Friends, I am writing this email thanking them for doing something so perfect and make me happy. He did not believe in these pages for people, it is superb.
I found my ideal partner, having met three people before the web is a great system to meet people, first write, then chat, the know, a very easy way, rather than through friends or losing time in bars and Discos
Thank pink heart and Antonio
Received October 6, 2015
Such that sent them this email to tell you that through your web Friends World met several people, go out dancing, walking, laughing, and pass very well.
Recommend to others this way to meet people is satisfactory, people are friendly and nice, in general, some a little serious, but hey, after several months I have met a very nice being and think in the near futro marry and be happy .
Thanks John and Rosy Friends World
Received March 2, 2015
This web Friends World has been the place where I have found polite and nice people, I divorced three years ago and left me with no desire to have a partner for a while, now a few months ago I discovered this site, I point and found love and good words, I helped me a lot to understand that alone, do not live well, everything, life in general is better to be accompanied, now I have a partner and am happy, be patient in searching.
Thank you very much great Team Friends World
A big hug Elena and Joaquin